Questions About Str8 Teeth and Clear Aligners

What Is Str8 Teeth?

Str8 Teeth connects patients with a dentist who can provide them an appropriate treatment plan to straighten teeth with clear aligners. Our aim is for patients to receive low cost clear aligners with professional care from a dentist. There are many DIY clear aligner brands available that sell aligners direct to the patient at a cheaper cost. However, orthodontic treatment should be provided by a dental professional and trying to move your teeth yourself is risky and dangerous. Str8 Teeth aims to remove the need to resort to DIY clear aligner systems by giving the patient clear aligners provided by a dentist at the same low cost as DIY options.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are moulded trays that fit over your teeth and are used to push your teeth straighter. They are made from thin, see-through sheets of a special type of plastic so they are clear and not very visible when worn over your teeth. Each tray grips your teeth and moves them a little bit straighter. After wearing a series of these trays one after the other, your teeth will be straight.

How Long Do I Have To Wear My Clear Aligners Each Day?

Each clear aligner has to be worn for at least 22 hours each day for 2 weeks. You only take the aligners out to eat and clean your teeth. Put them back in as quickly as possible after this. This gives enough time for your teeth to move and stabilise in the new position before the next aligner does the next movement.

How Many Clear Aligners Do I Need?

The number of aligners you need to straighten your teeth depends on how crowded or spaced they are. If you only have mild crowding or spacing, then you may only need a few sets of aligners. However, if you have severe crowding or spacing, you will need many sets of aligners to straighten your teeth. How many aligners you need will be discussed with you by your dentist at the initial consultation and treatment planning phase of your treatment.

Will People Know I Am Wearing Clear Aligners?

Most people will not realise you are using clear aligners. Aligners are thin and transparent so without looking very hard into someone’s mouth you are not going to spot them like you would with metal braces. Aligners are able to be removed for special occasions, but we do recommend doing this rarely and for very short periods of time.

Will I Be Able To Use Aligners If I Have Crowns, Bridges, Implants or Missing Teeth?

Teeth that have had certain dental treatments may not move or may be difficult to correct with clear aligners. Generally speaking, a tooth with a single crown will move fine with clear aligners. However, teeth joined together by a bridge, cannot be moved with clear aligners. Implants are fixed in the jaw bone and cannot be moved with clear aligners. If you have had a tooth removed and the space is very large where the tooth was, that space may not able to be fully closed with clear aligners. Other teeth without these treatments can still be corrected with clear aligners, but you will have to accept the position of the teeth that have had bridges, implants or have been extracted. Your dentist will discuss this with you at the initial consultation.

Do I Have To Treat Both Top And Bottom Teeth Or Can I Treat One Of Them Only?

In most cases, treating both top and bottom teeth gives the best result. Moving your top teeth affects how they fit with your bottom teeth and vice versa. If you only treat one arch, your bite may be affected and your teeth may not fit well together after treatment. This can lead to other dental problems. In some cases, treating one arch only with give a good result. Your dentist will discuss with you all the options available to you at your initial consultation. If only one arch needs to be treated, you will receive a discount on your clear aligner treatment.

How Do My Teeth Stay Straight After Clear Aligner Treatment?

Your teeth tend to move back into the positions genetics intended them to be in. So after any orthodontic treatment, including clear aligners, retainers are needed to hold the teeth in position to prevent relapse. You are provided with clear retainers after you finish your clear aligner treatment. These are just stronger versions of your final clear aligners. You need to wear these every night forever if you want your teeth to hold their position after clear aligner treatment. Clear retainers will need to be replaced over time at additional cost. There is an option for fixed wire retainers bonded to the backs of your front teeth at an additional charge. These will be discussed with you by your dentist.

Will Clear Aligners Work For Me?

You will only know for sure by coming to see one of our dentists for an initial consultation. During this consultation, your dentist will thoroughly check your teeth and take x-rays to assess areas between the teeth and under the gums that are not visible with the naked eye. From this information, suitability for clear aligners will be discussed in detail. If your mouth is not healthy enough for clear aligners straight away, your dentist can give you a treatment plan for measures that will get you ready. If clear aligner treatment is not suitable at all, other treatment options will be discussed.

I Am Not 18, Can I Still Get Clear Aligners?

You will need parent or guardian consent to receive clear aligner treatment. Your parent or guardian should be with you during the entire process particularly the initial dentist consultation and treatment planning phase. Have them contact us to organise your appointment.

Questions About The Initial Consultation

Do I Have To See Your Dentist?

Yes. Our dentist will be assessing your suitability for clear aligners and organising your treatment plan. We are unable to assist you if you do not wish to see a dentist or would rather see your own dentist.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

Use This Form and complete the short series of questions about your dental history. This will help determine your suitability for clear aligner treatment. You will provide your contact details at the end and we will reach out to schedule your appointment.

Why Do I Need To Pay For A Consultation?

Your consultation is provided by one of our dentists. Your dentist will assess your suitability for clear aligners as well as provide you with a comprehensive dental check up. This is an important part of the process as it ensures your dental health will not be compromised during the teeth straightening treatment. The consultation includes a comprehensive dental check up, x-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth, and a treatment plan for your clear aligners, and only costs $199. If you have private health insurance with dental cover, we accept your health fund rebate as full payment with you paying $0 out of pocket for this consultation. View Terms and Conditions.

Will I Be Able To See Images Of My Predicted Results Before I Start?

After your initial consultation, your x-rays, photos and impressions of your teeth are sent to an orthodontist to provide a treatment plan for your clear aligner treatment. This treatment plan includes images of your current condition and images of the predicted end results after clear aligner treatment. Your dentist will discuss these and other details of your plan including how many aligners you need with you. You will get to approve this treatment plan before your clear aligners are made

Can I Get A Refund Of My Consultation Fee If I Am Not Suitable For Clear Aligners?

No. Your $199 consultation fee includes a comprehensive dental check up and x-rays provided by a dentist to give you a treatment plan. Your payment is for the time the dentist spends with you for this. If you are not suitable for clear aligners straight away, your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan of what needs to be done to get you ready. If you are not suitable for clear aligners at all, your dentist will provide other alternative options.

Questions About The Price

How Much Will This Cost?

At Str8 Teeth You Only Pay For What You Need. The first step is a consultation with our dentist which will cost $199 or $0 out of pocket for patients with eligible private health insurance. View Terms and Conditions. From here we have 3 different options depending on your treatment plan. A mild treatment plan will cost just $2599. A moderate treatment plan will cost just $3999. A severe treatment plan will cost just $5999. We accept a 50% payment upfront and allow 4 instalments during the treatment plan to pay the balance. In addition, patients with private health insurance may be entitled to some coverage towards this. We suggest you take the first step and see our dentist to determine which treatment plan is right for you.

Is This Covered By My Health Fund?

If you have private health insurance with dental cover, you may be fully covered for the initial consultation as well as partially covered for the clear aligner treatment. As we give you the option to accept your health fund rebate as full payment of the initial consultation, this can reduce the cost of your $199 consultation to $0 out of pocket. View Terms and Conditions. To receive this offer, you will need to bring your health fund card to your initial consultation appointment for us to process. You may also be eligible for health fund rebates on any clear aligner treatment plans you commence. We can tell you how much your health fund will cover by doing a health fund quote on our HICAPS machine. We can also provide you with a treatment plan and quote with item numbers for you to check with your health fund yourself.

Can I Pay For Treatment In Instalments?

You can, however, for a mild or moderate treatment plan your aligner treatment will not commence until payment has been made in full. If you need a severe treatment plan, we can accept a 50% deposit up front and allow 4 instalments during the course of treatment to pay the remaining balance.

How Can I Pay?

You can pay in person at our dental practice. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard. Remember to bring in your health fund card if you want to use this towards your payment so we can process it on our HICAPS machine.

Is There A Guarantee?

We are confident in our clear aligner treatment and it has been proven to be successful through many patient cases. If you have finished all your clear aligners, done everything according to our instructions and your teeth are not reasonably straight, we will provide you with additional clear aligners to finish your case for free. If you have not worn your aligners as directed by your dentist or have damaged or lost an aligner, you will not qualify for this guarantee and will have to pay an additional charge for additional aligners yourself.

Questions During Clear Aligner Treatment

Will Clear Aligners Cause Any Pain or Discomfort?

Your clear aligners need to push on your teeth in order for them to move straighter. Some discomfort during this process is completely normal. The discomfort is usually for the first 2 to 3 days of starting a new set of aligners as this is when the pushing is the greatest. Over the remainder of the 2 weeks that you have to wear this set of aligners, the discomfort subsides as the pushing subsides with your teeth going into the corrected position. The discomfort is usually much less with clear aligners when compared to using conventional braces with metal brackets and wires.

How Often Do I Need To See My Dentist During Clear Aligner Treatment?

Your dentist will fit your first set of aligners for you to make sure they fit well. We normally like to review you after you have done the first set for 2 weeks to make sure you have no issues. After that, you can determine an appropriate review schedule with your dentist. Most patients come in for a review every 3 sets of aligners or 6 weeks. Some patients want to do more aligners themselves and come in to see us as they please. Obviously, we will do a major review after all clear aligners are complete before making your retainers. Your clear aligner review schedule is very flexible and can easily be fit into your busy daily life.

Do Things Need To Be Glued To My Teeth?

Many clear aligner systems, like Invisalign, make the dentist glue little bits of filling material called attachments onto your teeth to help their aligners grip and move your teeth. Attachments can fall off and need to be rebounded to your teeth. They can be hard to clean, stain and be unsightly and feel odd. Str8 Teeth uses ClearPath clear aligners because their system moves teeth accurately without the need for attachments. You won’t need attachments glued onto your teeth as your aligners will grip and move your teeth themselves.

Do I Need My Teeth Trimmed Or Teeth Removed?

If you have a spacing problem, we should be able to fit all your teeth together as you have space in the mouth for us to do this. If you have a crowding problem, especially in a severe case, there may not be enough space to fit your teeth together. Our clear aligner system generally avoids removing any teeth as we believe all teeth are important and should be saved if possible. In order to avoid removing teeth, the sides of one or more teeth may need to be trimmed to create enough space for them to fit together. The process is called interproximal reduction. Usually 0.30-0.35mm may be removed from the side of a tooth and if this is done for a few teeth, there will be enough room to fit all the teeth together. Each tooth has many millimetres of tooth structure so this will not damage the tooth. It is only done on teeth with plenty of healthy tooth structure shown on your x-rays where doing this trimming will not cause any problems to the tooth. Interproximal reduction does not hurt, your tooth still has plenty of good tooth structure remaining and you avoid losing teeth to create space to fit teeth together. Interproximal reduction may not be needed in a mild case, but is usually required in moderate and severe crowding cases.

Will My Wisdom Teeth Affect My Clear Aligner Treatment?

Wisdom Teeth that are angled towards your other teeth may push them together and cause teeth crowding. If your wisdom teeth are impacted like this, you may need them removed after clear aligner treatment is complete to prevent your teeth becoming crowded. If your wisdom teeth fit in your mouth with no symptoms and are not angled towards your other teeth, they usually do not need to be removed.

What Do I Do If I Lose Or Break My Aligner?

If you lose or break an aligner, contact our dental practice straight away. Your dentist will tell you exactly what to do depending on what has happened and where you are in your course of treatment. This may mean wearing the next aligner for a longer period of time to compensate for the lost or broken aligner. This may mean wearing the previous aligner until a replacement can be made at an additional charge. Losing or breaking an aligner may affect your end result so please contact us immediately and follow the instructions of your dentist.

What Do I Do If My Aligner Does Not Fit?

Your dentist will check the fit of your aligners regularly for you at review appointments to make sure your treatment is progressing well. The fit of your clear aligners will not be a problem as you progress through sets unless you have left an aligner out for an extended period of time and allowed your teeth to move backwards. If you have any problems with your aligners, including fit, please contact our dental practice straight away. Your dentist will tell you what needs to be done.

What Happens If I Don’t Wear My Aligners Correctly?

If you don’t wear your aligners at least 22 hours each day, changing sets every 2 weeks as directed by your dentist, your teeth may not move into the right positions with each aligner. This may mean when you finish all your aligners, your teeth may not be completely straight and you may need further treatment at an additional charge. If you want a good end result, your cooperation with following our instructions is essential during clear aligner treatment.