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The 8 Major Risks of DIY Aligners.

There are more than 8 risks of using DIY aligners. Let's talk about the major ones.

1. Using Aligners That Do Not Fit Correctly.

Creating an accurate impression of your teeth is not just about biting down on an impression tray from an impression kit. A trained dentist has performed hundreds or thousands of dental impressions and can quickly spot problems during the process. A dentist can check your teeth against the impression and ensure the impression is sitting correctly during the procedure and has captured all the required details. These are things you cannot do yourself. Using an impression that is not accurate will lead to using aligners that do not fit correctly. This will affect your teeth straightening and may lead to damage of the teeth and gums. Damage to the teeth and gums will be expensive to treat and may not be completely repairable.

2. Damage To The Nerves Of Your Teeth.

If you have any untreated dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease, using DIY aligners could accelerate the damage to the teeth and gums. Bacteria can be trapped under the aligners and the nerves of your teeth may even be damaged if the problems become extensive. The nerve of any tooth is the source of its life. If a nerve is damaged this can lead to pain, infection or even losing a tooth. Treating the damaged nerve of the tooth may mean root canal treatment which is very complex and expensive. A single tooth needing root canal treatment could cost you thousands of dollars. It is best to have a dentist check your teeth for issues before aligner treatment and oversee the movement of your teeth to ensure no problems arise.

3. Gum Recession.

Poor fitting DIY clear aligners made from inaccurate impressions can damage the gums and cause gum recession. It won't matter how straight your teeth are if you have lost healthy gum tissue to get them straight. Gums are so important for the long term health of your teeth. They help to keep the teeth in place and looking good. Weaker gums mean weaker teeth. Receding gums not only look bad, they can cause sensitive teeth and make teeth cleaning harder which leads to bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease.

4. Loosening of Teeth.

There are many things that can go wrong during the process of using DIY aligners that may lead to loosening of the teeth. Poor fitting DIY aligners made from inaccurate impressions may put too much force on a tooth or apply the force in the wrong way. Incorrect pushing of the teeth with the aligners may loosen teeth. Teeth may also feel loose if spaces are left between teeth from the aligners not completely moving the teeth together. Loose teeth are weaker. You may have pain when eating, develop gum disease and even lose the tooth.

5. Risk Of Infection.

A dentist should examine your whole mouth before starting clear aligner treatment. This is to ensure you have no issues such as tooth decay or gum disease that need to be treated first. You may not think you have anything wrong, but are you the right person to ask about your dental health? Leave that to the dental professionals! You may not feel any symptoms when you have early tooth decay and gum disease. However, trapping bacteria around the teeth and gums with the clear aligners can lead them to grow into enormous numbers and cause major infections.

6. Altering The Shape Of Your Face.

Poorly aligned teeth may impact the shape of your face. Correct teeth straightening may bring a more natural shape to your face. Incorrect teeth straightening can alter the shape of your face in negative ways, highlighting dental issues. If your DIY clear aligners don’t move your teeth correctly, then the impact to your face shape may be very significant.

7. Irrepairable Damage To The Jaw.

It's not just your teeth and gums you need to think about. Your teeth and gums are housed in your jaw. Incorrect teeth straightening with DIY clear aligners may affect how your teeth fit together. If your teeth don’t fit well together, this may damage your jaw. Damage to your bite and jaw may lead pain, difficulty pronouncing words, and trouble eating and drinking. Damage to the jaw is serious. In many cases problems with the jaw are irreversible.

8. Breaking and Losing Teeth.

Teeth that have been moved incorrectly by DIY aligners may be more prone to breaking if they do not meet each other in the right position. Teeth in poor positions are at high risk of being lost. Teeth are important for your whole life. Once you lose them they are gone. You can replace them with dental implants, bridges or dentures, but that is costly and it's just not the same. DIY clear aligners are not worth the risk of breaking or losing your teeth. Str8 Teeth provides clear aligners at very low prices, with the peace of mind that you are being looked after by a dentist. We are competitive with many leading DIY brands. You do not have to risk your dental health to save money.

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Do This Yourself.

There are many reasons you should get your clear aligners with a dentist, but here are some of the main ones.

1. You Need To Know You Are Ready.

If your teeth and gums are not healthy, you shouldn’t be using clear aligners. There are many dental issues that can cause problems if left untreated when using clear aligners. Trying to move teeth that have tooth decay and gum disease, will only damage them further. If your teeth and gums have a lot of plaque and calculus, these will be trapped under the clear aligners and may cause infections. A check up, x-rays and teeth cleaning appointment with a dentist is necessary to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to start the aligner treatment. If they aren’t, the dentist can tell you what needs to done to get your teeth and gums healthy.

2. Your Impressions Need To Be Perfect.

When was the last time you made an impression of your teeth? This is not something you are supposed to do yourself, but this is what DIY systems tell you to do. Creating an impression of your mouth isn't as simple as biting into a plastic tray of putty. The impressions of your teeth need to be very accurate. Only a dentist is qualified enough to ensure that your impressions are taken accurately. If problems occur during the impression process, your aligners may not fit properly and your teeth may not move accurately or become damaged.

3. An Orthodontist Should Review Your Case.

Most DIY clear aligner systems use dental technicians to treatment plan and make their aligners in a laboratory to keep costs down. Treatment planning of how teeth should be moved should be done by someone more qualified, usually a dentist or an orthodontist. Orthodontists are the specialists in the field of teeth straightening. The difference in qualification between an orthodontist and a dental technician is huge. During the Str8 Teeth process, your dental impressions, photos of your teeth and x-rays of the mouth are reviewed by an orthodontist. They will ensure that your aligner treatment plan given to you is the most appropriate. They are also on standby if any issues come up during treatment and can make adjustments as necessary to maintain your dental health while straightening your teeth. It is very expensive to see an orthodontist. To keep the cost of your treatment as low as possible, an orthodontist treatment plans your case and your dentist oversees your treatment for you.

4. What If Something Changes During Treatment?

You are going to be using your aligners for a significant length of time. Simple cases may take as little as 3 months, while complex cases may take 18 months to complete. That's a long time and a lot of life to be lived. What if something changes during your treatment? You need to be able to communicate changes and concerns with a dentist who can help determine if something in your treatment plan needs to change as well.

5. The Quality of the Aligner Treatment Matters.

DIY fads are so risky. A quick search on Google will show you horror stories of people using DIY aligner products. DIY aligners are sold directly to the public by a retail business. A retail business is not bound to the same code of conduct or professional standards as a dentist or orthodontist. They only have to make best efforts to produce a product for their consumers and will focus on their bottom line and earnings potential. Dentists have a duty of care to their patients and must make sure the treatment they provide is good and proper. Quality is mandatory and promoting the health of the patient is essential. Dentists who fail to look after patients can lose their licence. A retail business that provides a poor product will just get a bad review and keep going.

6. You Shouldn't Be Alone During Treatment.

Your teeth are going to go through a process of change. There will be days when you wake up and just feel a little uncertain about what is happening in your mouth. When you use clear aligners from Str8 Teeth, we are with you for your whole treatment and after. You can reach out to your dentist by phone, email or even Facebook and talk to us about any concerns you are having. Do you think you would get that same service from a retail business? Does it even matter if a customer service person tells you everything is going to be fine? They are not dentists. Do they really know what they are talking about?

7. A Dentist Cares About Your Dental Health.

Dentists are trained to promote long term dental wellbeing. For a dentist, increasing the lifespan of your natural teeth takes the highest priority. If a dentist thinks you are not ready for clear aligners, they will not provide them to you. If a retail business sees an opportunity for a sale, do you think they will pass it up? Even if you are not quite ready for aligners, a dentist can help you get there. It doesn’t mean a lengthy list of expensive treatment either. In many cases, just a professional teeth cleaning and an improvement in oral hygiene habits are all you need to be ready for clear aligners.

8. It's Cheaper To Do It Properly.

DIY fads look attractive because of their price. However, with Str8 Teeth you only pay for the aligners you need. Our prices are very competitive and often cheaper than many DIY fads. This is all while being looked after by a dentist. When you receive your aligner treatment from us, you are not risking damage to your teeth and gums. Is it worth saving a few hundred dollars today only to have to spend thousands later repairing damaged teeth?

How Do Our Clear Aligners Straighten Your Teeth?

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Impressions are taken by your dentist and a treatment plan is provided

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Do You Have Mild Crowding or Spacing?

If you only have mild crowding or spacing issues with your teeth you could qualify for a Str8 Teeth treatment plan that costs just $2599!

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What Does Mild Crowding or Spacing Look Like?

Without a dentist you will not know what kind of treatment you need. However we have a visual guide to help you see where you might fit for your clear aligner needs.

Do You Have Moderate Crowding or Spacing?

If you have moderate crowding or spacing issues with your teeth you could qualify for a Str8 Teeth treatment plan that costs just $3999!

Do You Have Severe Crowding or Spacing?

If you have severe crowding or spacing issues with your teeth you could qualify for a Str8 Teeth treatment plan that costs just $5999!

Review Your Teeth

Take a selfie with a big smile and compare your teeth to this image. A mirror may also be helpful.

Mild Crowding
Things To Look For.
  • No teeth overlap each other
  • 2 to 3 teeth are rotated a little
Mild Spacing
Things To Look For.
  • Small space between 2 teeth
Review Your Teeth

Take a selfie with a big smile and compare your teeth to this image. A mirror may also be helpful.

Moderate Crowding
Things To Look For.
  • 2 to 3 teeth overlap each other
Moderate Spacing
Things To Look For.
  • Small spaces between a few teeth.
Review Your Teeth

Take a selfie with a big smile and compare your teeth to this image. A mirror may also be helpful.

Severe Crowding
Things To Look For.
  • Most teeth overlap each other
Severe Spacing
Things To Look For.
  • Small spaces between many teeth.
  • Large spaces between teeth.