About Str8 Teeth

In Australia there is a growing trend of companies providing clear aligners directly to patients without the recommended advice and supervision of a dental professional. Dentists and orthodontists understand that the main incentives behind this growing trend are the lower prices of DIY aligners and the convenience of not needing to see a dentist. However using these kinds of products comes with risks that far outweigh the immediate benefits, can cause patients to spend a lot of money on remedial therapy, and cause permanent damage to the teeth and gums.

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Are Str8 Teeth For Me?

What That Means For You

Dr Vincent Wan is a Brisbane based dentist who recognised there was a need for dentists to provide lower cost clear aligners that could match the price of mail-order aligners without sacrificing the care from a dental professional. This led to the founding of Str8 Teeth.

Str8 Teeth helps patients get access to clear aligners fully guided by a dentist, with minimum disruption to their lifestyle, at a much lower financial commitment. We not only provide treatment of mild crowding and spacing like mail-order aligner companies. We are also able to provide options for moderate and severe crowding and spacing and maintain quality in all cases, all at reduced prices.

About Dr Vincent Wan

Dr Vincent Wan graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science with First Class Honours from the University of Queensland in 2003. But don’t let his academic success fool you into thinking he is just another shy, ultra-smart, nerdy guy who shows little or no personality. His two dental practices are a clear reflection of a personality that just likes to smile and wants you to smile with him. When you enter his room, he will greet you with the type of smile that he tries to promote. You will see photos of his young family, smiling with cartoon characters and superheroes, and having fun. There are displays of his beloved collection of movie and TV statues and figurines, which you can’t help but smile at when you look at them.

Str8 Teeth With A Smile

Vincent’s favourite aspect of being a dentist is interacting with his patients. He believes getting to know your patient as a person helps you understand their needs and how to better provide dental care for them. He is passionate about his young family, his collection of movie and TV statues and figurines, and of course, helping his patients achieve the smile they want. He loves nothing more than chatting with his patients, finding out their definition of a perfect smile and then delivering that smile to them with modern dentistry. He finds nothing more fulfilling than seeing a patient smile from ear to ear, proudly showing their beautiful teeth.

Vincent loves providing all general dental services to enhance a smile, but particularly enjoys providing clear aligners to straighten crooked teeth. He was one of first providers of ClearPath clear aligners in Brisbane and has completed many cases over the years. He even had one of his clear aligner cases published in Australasian Dentist. He enjoys helping patients achieve their desired smile with clear aligners and experiencing that wonderful journey with them together. His patients love comparing their end result to their smile at the beginning of their clear aligner journey and seeing the amazing transformation.