Step 1

Find Out What's Right For You!

The first step in your Str8 Teeth journey is to discover what treatment plan is right for you. You can start that process online today by completing our 30 second quiz which helps us determine how close to using clear aligners to straighten your teeth you are.

There's no time like the present to get started.

Are Str8 Teeth For Me?

Step 2

Book Your Dentist Appointment

We are available around your schedule. Our dental practice is conveniently located in Brisbane city. There are plenty of parking options available like the Myer Centre parking Lot, King George Square parking lot, and MacArthur Central parking lot. Public transport into the city is also very convenient and we’re only a 5 minute walk from Central train station and major city bus stops.
You can book in between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We can provide a medical certificate if you pop out of work for an hour.

You’ll need to pay $199 for this appointment but this includes your check up, organising x-rays, taking photos and creating an impression of your teeth and sending this off to the orthodontist to prepare your treatment plan and clear aligners.

If you have private health insurance we have great news. You could be entitled to a $0 appointment. Talk to us about this when you make your appointment.

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Step 3

Dental Check Up (It Doesn’t Hurt)

One of our dentists will give you a check up and take x-rays of your teeth. There are no needles or intense poking around during a check up. It’s just a look around to ensure you have no tooth decay, gum disease or other issues that may affect your ability to use clear aligners for straightening your teeth.

If we do detect any issues that may prevent you from aligner treatment in the short term we’ll provide you with a treatment plan to get you ready. We can help you do this as well. If the issues are more severe, we can recommend other teeth straightening options such as braces.

In many cases you will not need further treatment, but if you do we will take your impressions after treatment is completed for no additional charge.

Step 4

Photos and Impressions

Photos of your mouth and teeth are taken during the check up. Our dentists will also take impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used by an orthodontist to plan your aligner treatment and of course, to make your aligners.

We cannot accept your own photos and impressions. As dentists we have an obligation to ensure clear aligners are appropriate treatment for you. Photos may not show us the full picture and DIY impressions are not as accurate as impressions prepared by a professional.

Don’t worry though, all of this is included in your $199 check up. Those with private health insurance can receive a $0 check up with health fund rebates.

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Step 5

Full Mouth X-Rays For The Full Picture

Our dentists will prepare paperwork for you to get specific x-rays of your jaw at an x-ray clinic. These allow us to plan how to move your teeth in your jaw. They also ensure there is nothing major going on in your mouth that is not visible to the naked eye.

X-rays are bulk billed through Medicare at x-ray clinics so provided you have a valid Medicare card, you will not need to pay for these x-rays.

There is an x-ray clinic around the corner from our dental practice. In most cases you can pop in there straight after visiting us.

Step 6

Treatment Plan

Once we have your photos, impressions and x-rays and we have agreed you are ready for clear aligners, we send all this to an orthodontist. The orthodontist will review your case and determine the best treatment for you. If you have a mild case you will be able to receive your aligners for just $2599. We’ll let you know if this is the case.

If you have moderate crowding or spacing of your teeth or even a severe case, we still have options. A moderate case is still very affordable at just $3999, and a severe case is just $5999. Patients that have a severe case are able to pay 50% of the treatment costs upfront with 4 remaining payments made during the course of the treatment.

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Step 7

Aligners Made

After we have received your payment your aligners will be prepared. This is done by our partners ClearPath. ClearPath is a brand of clear aligners much like Invisalign. They are our preferred partner for aligners and are known for the quality of their aligners.

Step 8

Begin Your Teeth Straightening

Once we receive your aligners, we will contact you and make an appointment for you to come into our office.

During the appointment your dentist will talk to you about how to maintain your dental health while using aligners. You will also learn how to fit the aligners correctly and how to monitor them in your day to day life.